About Riggo Monti

Riggo Monti is a new name in fresh, fun active wear. Our main focus is to keep it light and basic, yet cool.
With each eye-catching image, word or phrase, our apparel will add flare to your own unique form of individuality.
Casual style should be fresh, crisp and clean, especially for one’s day to day events.

Our comfortable shirts, hoodies, bags and other great accessories are the perfect accents for defining your look and appeal.

So whether you’re constantly on the move or have that occasional moment to chill, Riggo Monti will play a fashionable part in inspiring your mood and lifestyle.

Lord Toph in front of Blank Canvas, New York City

“The aim of nearly every designer is this…
To stimulate the aesthetic palate of each and every individual who witnesses and wears their designs.
Not only do we want you to love what we create… We want you to fall in love with it and crave for it to be an essential part of your everyday life!”

LORD TOPH ~ Designer & Creator of Riggo Monti

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