Beauty Bliss Behold (Women’s Comfort Tee)

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Product Details

Slim fit, unisex

Materials: 100% Cotton

Available in a variety of colors!

Set a cool mood on those cool spring afternoons or warm summer evenings in a Riggo Monti tee! Simple in words, but on point in its statement. Yes, it describes you to a tee. And our “Beauty, Bliss Behold” tee, is perfect for your mood, style and personality too!


2 reviews for Beauty Bliss Behold (Women’s Comfort Tee)

  1. Maria

    This is beautiful!

    • RiggoBear

      Thank you! We’re glad to know that it caught your eye! 🙂

  2. Merys

    Couldn’t resist! And blue is my favorite color!

    • RiggoBear


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