Eat Yo Grits! (Unisex Graphic Tee)

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Product Details:

Slim fit. Sublimated all-over printed t-shirt. High-quality, custom workmanship. Cut & sew assembly. Products made in the US.

Materials: 100% polyester jersey

Available in White, Light Grey & Dark Grey


Whether it’s the chattering co-worker, the overbearing boss, the gossiping guy or girlfriend

or even the nagging in-law, this design sums up your sentiments regarding the subject perfectly!

“Eat Yo Grits!” is a polite way of saying, “Shut th’ #*%! up!”

1 review for Eat Yo Grits! (Unisex Graphic Tee)

  1. Ro

    I got my Eat Your Grits shirt on time and it turned out great! Looking forward to my next purchase from this store!

    • RiggoBear

      We’re glad to hear that your Eat Your Grits shirt came on time and turned out just as you like it! We look forward to you purchasing from us again!

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