Eat Yo Grits! (Unisex Graphic Tee)

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Product Details:

Slim fit. Sublimated all-over printed t-shirt. High-quality, custom workmanship. Cut & sew assembly. Products made in the US.

Materials: 100% polyester jersey

Available in White, Light Grey & Dark Grey


Whether it’s the chattering co-worker, the overbearing boss, the gossiping guy or girlfriend

or even the nagging in-law, this design sums up your sentiments regarding the subject perfectly!

“Eat Yo Grits!” is a polite way of saying, “Shut th’ #*%! up!”

1 review for Eat Yo Grits! (Unisex Graphic Tee)

  1. Ro

    I got my Eat Your Grits shirt on time and it turned out great! Looking forward to my next purchase from this store!

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