Riggo Monti – Love Like Rain (Classic Pullover Hoodie)


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(“Love Like Rain” larger slogan on back)

Riggo Monti Garment Details

Regular fit, kangaroo pocket, unisex

Materials – Poly/cotton blend

Comfort interweaves wonderfully with original designs to enhance the individuality that your look demands and deserves.

Be it casual, mod or trend-setting chic, let your style be enhanced by Riggo Monti.

“Inspire Mood & Lifestyle”
Riggo Monti

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If Love is like Rain, then by all means, let it pour! This cool-hued collection is one people will notice you for. The soft, cool pink to blue design suits the phrase, much like your laid-back style and savvy. Join the tribe in fashionably coining this smooth, Riggo Monti phrase!


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