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Although we
are still much in the nascent stages of establishing our brand, we are eager to
reveal a whole new assortment of fashionably distinctive designs in an array of
products to suit your lifestyle palate. And here is where you will be able to
see our new arrivals and even get the scoop on what inspired specific designs
from color, pattern to stroke. We’ll also share with you short insightful
blurbs on integrating style with arts, entertainment and food for a more
positive lifestyle. So, don’t forget to join our mailing list, this way we can
keep you abreast of what we have in store and what’s in the works for Riggo

Get Featured on Riggo Monti!

Starting from the gate, we wanted to spotlight
our new collectors and fans of our designs. It has been our mission to connect
the passion that goes into our designs with the people who collect and wear them.

It started with a simple meeting in a bustling
café in the center of Soho Manhattan. Being surrounded by the likes of savvy social
influencers, foodies, lifestyle bloggers and trendsetters through inspiration, helped
facilitate the core ideals of Riggo Monti’s mission statement: “Inspire Mood
and Lifestyle!”

Mood and lifestyle is always changing and
evolving with each individual and we want to be at the heart of that as we
connect to the people who are making it happen.
If you are a collector of Riggo Monti apparel/products and
are a trendsetter, fashionista or just like looking and feeling good in
comfortable clothing, send an image of you with our Riggo Monti product you are
sporting over to us and let us feature you on Riggo Monti!     

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” Marilyn Monroe

Thank you for choosing Riggo Monti, Please spread the word! :)

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