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The Vault Collection

Riggo Monti introduces: The Vault Collection
We had a more stately concept in mind with the conception of this particular collection.
Our Vault collection derives from our emblem and stems from a more sophisticated take on things.
Not only was it created to define Riggo Monti as a brand, but it was also designed to personify the individual who proudly dons it also. It is distinctive, sharp and chic, yet subtle in accentuating one’s own sense of style from light, comfortable apparel, to the wallpaper that dresses their bedroom, living room or home office space.
Your taste is selective ~ You are conscious of aesthetics from what you wear to what surrounds you. Personal, private and exclusive is how you like it… we get that – which is how this collection got its name. The Vault Collection will exhilarate your attitude and exemplify your meticulous taste.

From our tops to bottoms, we offer a dressier look for leisure attire.

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” ~ Yves Saint Laurent

Thank you for choosing Riggo Monti, Please spread the word! :)

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